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Indian Sex Alexis Tied Up Hot Girl play

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I began fucking my art teacher in a slow rhythmic pace building up to a speed that caused Lyn to squeal and wrap her legs around my waist, l cried “lm cuming” and sent a full sticky load from my balls to my urethral opening that exploded inside Lyn’s womb, l gave another hard thrust of my cock into her silky smooth hole sending an additional spurt of spunk that splattered her inside, we stay locked as one, our climax slowly subsiding

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. On the forth whipping Julia began convulsing parted her legs and squirted, it went up the wall over a picture, over the carpet she lost control of herself and yelled at me “fucking do it again”, she had turned from Jekyl to Hyde, if that’s what she wanted l thought then she will get it, so l repeatedly whipped her pussy till she slammed her knees shut and rolled onto her side. On the way to her flat Lynda put her hand onto my leg and remarked how l got her excited in the cinema, l couldn’t wait to get to her flat and show her what else l could do thanks to Julia’s teachings
. . Most of the guys I like are too shy to do anything, and the others are crude!” “Last night when you played with my boobs, it gave me a real tingling feeling down in my tummy


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